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25.5kg Bird Feeders

Manufactured as Free-standing Bird Feeder and Hanging Bird Feeder versions.

Features for both versions:-

  • The green hopper is manufactured in heavy duty polyethylene , UV stabilised for long life.
  • A dome lid to shed water and prevent perching.
  • Simple wing nut with spring clip, for positive lid retention and quick removal.
  • Metal guards fitted to prevent squirrel damage to feed adjusted
  • Notched feed regulator for easy control of food releases.  Suitable for any size of pellet or grain.

Free-standing models have quick release design leglocks with telescopic legs for instant heigh adjustment.  Large feet pads which allow for feeder to be anchored to the ground. 

Hanging models have flexible hanging wire rope which passes through a purpose designed waterproof snub bushing Tensions on the wire is by wing nut and for filing simply slacken the nut and slide the lid up the wire where it will hold up out of the way.


Automatic Feeding SystemsBenefits of the systemFeeding ProductsBuy Bird FeedersContact Details