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Benefits of the system

Here are just a few benefits of an automatic feeding system you and your birds will enjoy by changing to a Parkland  feeding system

Abolish Daily Feeding

The 25.5kg hopper requires top-ups every 7-10 days, thus providing you valuable saved time.

Very significant savings in Feed costs

  The easily regulated non clog feed release mechanism makes fresh food always available.

There is absolutely no loss of food through rats, small birds and other vermin.

Suitable for all types of birds

The free-standing 25.5kg feeder has adjustable legs and therefore is suitable for all sizes of birds.  Game birds, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, peacocks and believe it or not we do have a trout farm  who converted the pecker to a paddle and have trained their trout to be self sufficient.

Virtually maintenance free bird feeding

We recommend that you periodically allow the feeder to empty as dust can get compacted at the base and this will need to be removed to ensure the smooth operaiton of the adjuster mechanism. 

Automatic Feeding SystemsBenefits of the systemFeeding ProductsBuy Bird FeedersContact Details