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Automatic Feeding Systems

Parkland Products Automatic feeding systems were designed and patented by Mr. Michael Piper some twenty years ago to combat the wastage of feed which occurred with traditional bird feeding methods.  He found that the mechanism not only saved feed but also discouraged vermin onto the site.  Conventional methods of feeding encourages the birds to peck at what is in front of them and disregard the build-up of feed on the floor.  This results in it being trodden into the ground and creating a mess, which ferments and encourages vermin.  With the Parkland Automatic feeder this does not happen as the feed is eaten straight away.

The system works on a ‘feed on demand’ basis and the bird pecks a pecking bar which releases small quantities of grain/pellets at a time. Various field trials have shown that the savings made on feed bills over a year virtually pay for the feeder.

The Parkland Automatic feeding system encourages birds to feed in the open and promotes free-range.  It is the next best thing to the bird feeding in its own habitat and studies have proven that it relieves boredom and stops feather plucking.  This system of feeding can help to make your birds self sufficient, which is a bonus if you want to take a holiday or the occasional weekend away.  Naturally, you would want someone to pop in to ensure your birds were happy but they would not have to take on the task of feeding.     

Use our automatic animal feeding systems for your birds and poultry including chickens, ducks, pheasants and wild birds.    

The 25.5kg capacity feeders (which will accommodate 25/30 birds) can be bought either as free-standing or hanging versions.  

DIY kits are also sold, which enables you to use our system on your own barrels.



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Automatic Feeding SystemsBenefits of the systemFeeding ProductsBuy Bird FeedersContact Details